Root Canals

Root canal therapy refers to the treatment of an infection of the dental pulp.  The pulp is tissue inside the tooth containing blood vessels and nerves.  When an infection or inflammation occurs, treatment is needed.  

Pulp infection occurs frequently from: a deep cavity or filling,  chipped or cracked tooth, and a serious injury to the tooth.  The infection can spread to tissues around the tooth's root, causing pain and swelling.  Sometimes, even if there is no pain, bacteria from the infection can damage surrounding bone.  

Without a root canal, the infection and bone loss can continue, and if treatment is not done in a timely manner, the tooth will most likely need to be removed.   

Removal of a tooth without replacement may cause the surrounding teeth to shift.  The space and shifted teeth can make it hard to chew or clean your teeth.  A root canal can prevent these issues by saving your tooth.  

At Seneca Dental Care, we can treat root canals in Germantown, MD or talk to you about your options.

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